Flora Hungaria flower market kindly invites you to our next seminar session:

This seminar is part of a series where we share newest information. Our goal is to support growers with greenhouse sunlight management information. Our only free energy source is LIGHT!


  • How can I utilize sunlight most efficiently in production?
  • How can I adapt to local climate the most?
  • How can I produce the best product under my climate?
  • What are the newest innovations from the field of greenhouse film, glass, and shading net producers?
  • Our climate is very special, - how can I customize my growing system- to suit best my product and the special climate?

Time: 2022. august 31., 9 am–16 pm. Location: Flora Hungaria Nagybani Virágpiac, 2310 Szigetszentmiklós, Leshegy út 1/A.



  • Toast. Treer András, Flora Hungaria Wholesale Market


  • dr. Juhász Anikó, deputy secretery os state for agrarium
    Available funds for horticulture in 2022-2023
  • Gyuris Attila, rose and gerbera grower, world traveler, innovator, Gyuris Virág Kft.
    Greenhouse is a very complex energetic environment

Largest value of our climate is the incoming light
Managing sunlight, reduction, transformation with horticultural films

  • Dimitris Milios, Plastika Kritis
    Special features of modern greenhouse covers to improve growing conditions. We address topics such us light quantity and quality throughout the spectrum and humidity management with nanomaterials which is critical for the light and the greenhouse environment overall.
  • Thomas Thizy, export sales manager, Agripolyane
    Greenhouse film technology & horticulture, How greenhouse film technology can assist growing a better crop?
  • Maribel Hernandez, export sales
    Greenhouse films and light management
  • Sotrafa, Armando Alvarez group
    Greenhouse films and light management

Sunlight management, reduction, transformation, which glass shall we use for which application?

  • dr. Silke Hemming, Head scientific research team Greenhouse Technology, University of Wageningen, LIGHT LAB
    Manipulation of natural light by coverings (plastics, glasses), screens, research results.


Reducing, transforming sunlight outside of our greenhouse-with shading paints. Indoor solutions of light management with screens.

  • Jelle Hoogland, consultant, Lumiforte
    Maximizing the use of solar energy with Lumiforte coatings
  • Valentyna Domkina, consultant, Svensson
    Effects of Light levels & Diffuse Light for Plants & Flowers, What do you need to know about screens? Screens specification: light, energysaving
  • Niclas Heescher, director, Novavert
    Novavert screening solutions, Niclas Heescher CEO, Novavert. We will focus on our wide range of products that covers energy and shading screens, retractable roofs and lots more…
  • Vitalina Tsourkan, consultant, Phormium
    Energy saving with Phormium, shading nets, shading climate screens, product range & experience with light and energy management in the greenhouse.

Discussion, question and answers.

We reserve the right to change the program. Presentations may be listened in english and hungarian languages. We provide snacks and sandwiches during the seminar.

Application can only be accepted with registration. Fee of participation is gross 25.400 HUF/ person, transferable after registration (upon Flora Hungaria invoice). Sound and video will be recorded. All professional visitors are welcome.

Time: 2022. august 31., szerda 9.00
Changes in Technology | 2022 | Seminarium series

Seminar is for professionals, not for public!

Registration fee: 20.000 HUF + VAT = 25.400 HUF / person, Seminar can only be visited with valid registration.

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