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Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the standard of flower trade, improve the utilisation of material and intellectual resources and foster the future of ornamental plant culture and commerce in Hungary.

External sales areas

Evergreen branches and wreaths, alongside bags of potting soil, are sold in the external area on the Western side of the market. The external covered areas house annual and biennial flowers, perennial plants and nursery plants in small containers. Tools used for culture, artificial fertilisers, etc. are sold in the closed areas located next to the outdoor sales area.


Product range, market days

Cut flowers, potted ornamental plants and bouquet arrangement supplies are the main products making up the flower trade. Furthermore, plant culture supplies such as artificial fertilisers, pesticides, background industry products, irrigation equipment are also sold at our market, and in addition, we also provide plant protection consultation services.  Cut flowers and cut greens are the star products of the flower market. The key players of the cut flower sector in Hungary (120 ha) sell their products on our market. Large-scale operations cultivate greenhouse areas of 1-2 ha continuously throughout the year. Smaller producers primarily provide cut flowers.
During the winter period, a greater the proportion of cut flowers are imported compared to the spring-summer-autumn season.

Cut flowers grown in Hungary are supplemented by import cut flowers and cut greens. Cut flowers grown in Hungary are supplemented by import cut flowers and cut greens.

Dried flower manufacturing has deeply rooted traditions in Hungary. Hungary’s largest dried flower manufacturing and distribution firms sell products collected from large harvesting areas. The flowers are distributed as raw materials or products following treatment (drying, painting, bleaching, etc.). Our range of domestic dried flowers are supplemented by import products.

Potted ornamental plants account for a large portion of our market’s turnover. We offer a variety of flowering potted ornamental plants, solitaire plants, Mediterranean potted plants, potted plants with ornamental foliage, cacti, succulents, and medicinal and aromatic plants. Our range of potted ornamental plants comprises nearly 400 different products, and the newest species are continuously added to it. Eighty percent of our potted ornamental plants come from import, with the remaining twenty percent coming from domestic sources.

Besides potted ornamental plants, we also sell annual and biennial, balcony and nursery plants. The lion’s share of our range can be found in the outdoor covered area, while the market hall houses several large producers. The latter is almost entirely made up of domestically produced goods. Species such as the cyclamen, the poinsettia, potted chrysanthemum, etc. fit snugly into the cultivation programme of annual ad biennial producers.
Potting soil and peat are sold on a separate dedicated aisle in the outdoor sales area. Traditional and culture-specific potting soil mixes, peat, sour peat, artificial fertiliser and pine bark can be found in this area.
Our pine aisle located in the outdoor area features pine, forestry and collected forest goods. Decorative cut twigs (cornaceae, salicaceae, goldenrod, etc.), collected forest items, ivy and pines (luc, nordmann, Scots, thuja, hamisciprus, etc.) are sold in this area.

Mák flora hungaria Lila virág

A wide variety of businesses selling flower arrangement supplies are present, representing a diversity of products from both the manufacturing and distribution side. Key products include candles, ribbons, wrapping paper, decorative wrapping, bags, glass and ceramics, wedding supplies, artificial and silk flowers, woven goods, baskets, wire, floral foam, flower preservatives, gifts, wreath bases, flower arrangement supplies, in other words, everything necessary for a wholesaler, flower shop or decorator.

Based on its size and number of sellers, the Flora Hungarian wholesale flower market offers a wide array of products, making it a one-stop-shop for customers. The number of sellers from neighbouring countries (Austria, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Romania, Croatia) is continuously on the rise.  Our doors are open to producers and suppliers from 7 am. The wholesale units and logistics centre are used to prepare items ordered by provincial wholesalers. On Mondays and Thursdays (traditional wholesale market days), our doors open at 7 am for international customers and Hungarian wholesalers, and at 10 am for retailers. On Wednesdays and Saturdays we are open between 8 am and 6 pm based on appointment. Trucks arrive on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Our services include a restaurant, a snack bar and free child care during school breaks. For more information on our sellers and their products, please check the Our Partners menu item.

Key data

Flora Hungaria Kft. currently has a staff of 543.
The market hall has 600 stands, and the outdoor area 180.
There are 1,800 parking spaces available.
Area of the market hall, including locks: 20,200 m2.
Freight terminals: 26, 8 of which are free-standing.
Flora Hungaria Kft. has a staff of 38 in charge of market hall operation, of which:
- management: 10 employees,
- security: 14 employees,
- custodial staff: 14 employees.

The market, covering an area of 17 hectares, is the largest wholesale flower market in Central and Eastern


Industry forums and exhibitions

Industry visitors can access events with a permit granted by management. Besides being a commercial platform, our centre also serves as an industry forum hosting Hungarian and international horticultural exhibitions and trade shows, and representing Hungarian ornamental plant production before the whole world. The most prominent event is the Hortus Hungaricus International Horticultural Exhibition & Trade Fair, held during the third week of September every year until 2010 and at Syma Event and Congress Centre on 23-25 September 2011. The Exhibition & Trade Fair returned to its home at the Flora Hungaria Wholesale Flower Market in 2012. The 20th Hortus Hungaricus International Horticultural Exhibition & Trade Fair planned for 2013 has been postponed. (

The 20th Jubilee Hortus Hungaricus, true to its title and on par with its prestige and professionalism, will be held on 19-21 September 2014 in Szigetszentmiklós.

Six times a year, we host flower arrangement workshops and demos led by prominent floral design experts. More information about trade events is available under the flower arrangement menu.

Held annually since 2011, the Flora Hungaria Seed and Flower Trade Show is organised each June, providing horticulturists an effective platform to get acquainted with the latest offers and product ranges.  For more information, see the Seed and Flower Trade Show menu